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Our goal is to help medical students and junior doctors from Europe who wish to pursue a career in the United Kingdom. The aim of this website is to direct future colleagues to appropriate sites and provide an overall list of requirements in a simplified way. After reading through this site, you should have a good idea of what kind of information you need to obtain and where to look for it.  

*This is not an official GMC or UKFPO-affiliated website. It was created by doctors for doctors as a means to guide, advise and help with their career progression. 


As foreign medical school graduates, who wished to work in the NHS, we faced the challenges of finding information about how to apply and what was required for a specialisation in the UK. This is how DOCTOR IN THE UK was born. We set out to create a website that we would have found useful back during our applications period that combined knowledge, guidance and the opportunity to receive advice from colleagues who went through a similar experience.



This website is not an official UKFPO, GMC or NHS website. It was made by doctors who studied in the EEU and wanted to share their experiences, offer some advice and provide guidance as to where to look and what kind of information you will need to find out on your own. Read more here.

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