After applying for any post, you will need to go through an interview. This can be a stressful process, as we all know. We’ve gathered some tips and information that you may find helpful. 


*The overall duration is about 20 minutes.

Example of FY1-Stand Alone Interview

Useful Tips


Medical Interviews (3rd Edition)

A comprehensive guide to CT, ST & Registrar Interview Skills - Over 120 medical interview questions, techniques and NHS topics explained Paperback – 1 Sept. 2019 by Olivier Picard (Author), Dan Wood (Editor), Sebastian Yuen (Editor), Luke Dunn (Illustrator)

You can buy the book HERE (Amazon UK).

Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme

Oxford Medical Handbooks – 23 Oct. 2018 by Tim Raine (Author), George Collins (Author), Catriona Hall (Author), Nina Hjelde (Author), James Dawson (Editor), Stephan Sanders (Editor), Simon Eccles (Editor)

You can buy the book HERE (Amazon UK).

This website is not an official UKFPO, GMC or NHS website. It was made by doctors who studied in the EEU and wanted to share their experiences, offer some advice and provide guidance as to where to look and what kind of information you will need to find out on your own. Read more here.

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