Moving to the UK

Moving to the UK is a critical step in your career. Conditions in different places may vary but there are a few things that apply everywhere. What you need to know: UK phone number First thing you need to do is get a UK sim card. Most places will ask for a contact number, even though communication is usually via email. EE, Giffgaff and O2 have excellent networks throughout the UK. Bank account Opening a bank account in the UK requires proof of address and it is facilitated more quickly if you provide a letter from your employer to the bank. Try to select a bank that has wide coverage throughout the UK, as it is likely you will move around different places throughout your training (some may be in small towns). Accommodation Before starting to look for accommodation on your own, it is worthwhile to contact your employer and to ask if there is availability in the hospital accommodation. Alternatively, you need to contact a real estate agent or visit the following useful sites:
In most places, rent does not include any utility bills. You will have to set them up on your own. As soon as you rent a place, you need to select an energy provider for gas, electricity and water and inform them that you have moved into the property. They will then start sending you monthly bills. This is not the landlord’s responsibility, although it may be useful to ask for their advice (locals can usually tell you which option is the best for their location). Our recommendation is to visit websites such as the ones listed below, which can calculate, based on your needs, who is the most economic utility provider for the property:
Another monthly bill you will have to pay is the council tax. The amount depends on the size and location of your place. You should contact the City Council’s website for all relevant information.
National Insurance Number (NINO) To start working officially you need to obtain a National Insurance Number. We recommend you start this process as soon as you move to the UK. You will be asked to provide proof of address (i.e. copy of your lease or letter from your letting agency). If you cannot provide it, you could use your temporary address (hotel address is not valid), which could be a friend’s address. It is better to apply through the gov.uk website only.  For more information visit:

Avoid double taxation
You need to provide proof of address and employment in order to obtain a certificate of residence as a taxpayer. This is so you don’t get taxed twice on your foreign income. Liaise with the tax services of your country of origin as more evidence is usually required. For more information, please visit:


This website is not an official UKFPO, GMC or NHS website. It was made by doctors who studied in the EEU and wanted to share their experiences, offer some advice and provide guidance as to where to look and what kind of information you will need to find out on your own. Read more here.

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