Being a Trust Doctor means working in a non-training position as a member of an NHS Trust. This post applies to all grades and it can provide you with training opportunities and more flexibility to boost your professional career, as per your individual goals.

In fact, many doctors opt for a trust job before applying to their specialty of interest in order to strengthen their portfolio or to help them reach a decision on which specialty to follow. 

Unlike the foundation programme, which has a specific timeline within each year (application period, commencement dates), Trusts advertise posts throughout the year. This is because hospitals often employ additional trust doctors for departments that are busy or have a particular need. However, it is useful to be aware of the national training timelines, as most trust jobs are usually posted once departments know how many new trainees will be joining them and determine any additional needs. 

Given that you hold a full GMC registration with a license to practice, the most popular websites to apply for Trust jobs  include:

We recommend familiarising yourself with both sites.

How to progress in a trust job safely and efficiently:

For more information for Trust doctors on the portfolios, please visit:

Useful Tips For the Application Process


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